Showing some of the antique shops in downtown Culpeper on Davis Street.
Culpeper, Virginia is a small town nestled in the foothills of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains. Culpeper is home to restaurants, shops, and plenty of things to do. For fine dining, many of our guests enjoy the Culpeper Center’s on-site restaurant, Flavor on Main. Flavor on Main is Culpeper’s own critically acclaimed restaurant designed like a speakeasy. For a hearty breakfast, many check out the Frost Cafe, a beautifully restored diner on the corner of Davis and Main Streets.

A few international restaurants have recently made downtown Culpeper their home. The now town boasts two Indian restaurants, each within a few blocks of each other. Downtown Culpeper also has many well-preserved historic buildings, including a theater that dates from the 1930’s, and a restored train station. Many shops are specialty stores that have a little bit of everything. In Culpeper, one can find a working bee hive, specialty spices, and European chocolate.

The Blue Ridge Mountains are only an hour outside of Culpeper. You’ll enjoy the sprawling acreage that includes national parks, lakes, and lots of stuff to do. Culpeper is also home to many parks and local recreational opportunities for camping, fishing, and canoeing. It’s a city that truly has a lot to offer travelers, and one that is certainly worth a visit.

This is a photo of a stoplight in downtown Culpeper, VA.

This is a photo of the downtown Culpeper LOVE statue.

This is a photo showing antique shops and other buildings in downtown Culpeper, VA.