A side angle showing the dining table and wall sconces in the Chaplain Room.


The Chaplin Room is unique among private dining spaces in that it features a long dining table that can seat up to 20 guests. When combined with the Gatsby Room, the private dining area can seat up to 80 guests. It can be separated from the Gatsby Room by a sliding door. It features wall sconces that create a candlelight ambiance that has no rival. Dining in the Chaplin Room is an experience unlike any other, creating the perfect ambiance that your party will remember for years to come. It’s a space that can accommodate a large party, yet at the same time feel intimate. It is the ultimate private dining experience; and is great for rehearsal dinners, celebrations, and any event you’d like to have outside of the normal activity of the restaurant.

The Chaplin Room: $200
The Gatsby Room: $500
Both Dining Rooms: $750


Contact Cheryl at 540-812-4919.

This is a photo of the long dining table in the Chaplain Room at the Culpeper Center.

This is a photo of the Chaplain Room, with places set for a private dinner at the Culpeper Center.

This is a photo showing a different angle of the Chaplain Room at the Culpeper Center.