Culpeper’s Premier Event Center, Boutique Hotel & Inn

The Culpeper Center is more than a venue; it’s the total package when it comes to planning events. As Culpeper’s premier boutique hotel & inn, we can offer amenities that you just won’t find elsewhere! Want to get to know the Culpeper Center?  When choosing a boutique hotel, event center, or inn in Culpeper, VA or elsewhere– consider the following points:


The Culpeper Center is a fashionable and modern boutique hotel & inn, with a state of the art event center located on main street in historic and serene Culpeper, VA.  Culpeper is only an hour and a half south of Washington, DC.Photo showing downtown Culpeper's love statue, spelled out L O V E., but retains the same small town charm that has made it a destination for history buffs and lovers of the outdoors.  Its close proximity to DC makes it the ideal weekend getaway. Out-of-town visitors will notice instantly the remarkable level of quality and attention to detail that goes into every room at the Culpeper Center & Suites. Culpeper is a fabulous city filled with fantastic culinary delights seemingly around every corner, and wonderful historic preservation on each block; Culpeper is a town that never parted ways with the hospitality that made it famous.


The Culpeper Center was created by four local business men who shared a vision that Culpeper continues its award-winning Main Street USA reputation as a valued destination for visitors from the greater Washington DC area, Fredericksburg, Charlottesville and Richmond areas. One block over is the State Theater which brings live entertainment and historical motion pictures to Culpeper. The Culpeper Center is a state-of-the-art event and conference facility providing a dazzling venue for weddings, business events, personal parties and receptions, meetings and on-site lodging.

In the ballroom, you’ll see lighting that can change to whatever color scheme is desired and Showing the side hallway of the Culpeper the mood of the room change with each round of color.  No details have been overlooked in respect to the art deco roots of the original building while seamlessly blending the most modern fixtures and technology in harmony with the overall structure.

At Flavor on Main, the on-site restaurant, you’ll see the 1920’s come alive.  You can sip on delicious Prohibition cocktails while being serenaded by the music of that era.  The cuisine at Flavor on Main is often times the reason for a trip to Culpeper– a true destination restaurant.

Flavor on Main just opened a private dining area that’s also located in the Culpeper Center.  This area is luxurious and inviting with soft lighting that makes your occasion intimate.  We can seat up to 60 people in the Gatsby Room, and up to 20 people at a long dining table in the Chaplin Room for a total of 80 people when the two rooms are combined. For a stand up reception, additional guests may be accommodated.

When you return to your suite for the night, you’ll find that it is spacious and luxurious. The Suites rival that of any boutique hotel, and feature outstanding amenities that you just don’t find everywhere.Black and white photo of a bride wearing white at the Culpeper Center. Whether you’re getting a bride ready for her big day, or whether you just want a comfortable night’s sleep; the Culpeper Center has everything you’re looking for.


If no vacancy is available at the Culpeper Center, you may check for availability at our sister hotel, Suites at 249.  Suites at 249 is a boutique hotel just a block away from the Culpeper Center. You can visit the Suites at